We are a team united to make a difference and bring new ideas, innovation and hands on solutions to the global business arena.

   Our fields of experiences range to 35 years in aerospace industry. Rotafilo has demonstrated success across all sectors of industry providing our clients with innovative lean solutions to establish new processes, improve service levels and reduce operational costs, while achieving just-in-time error free products. Via intensive research & development programs we continuously build our knowledge and capabilities. Using these capabilities we promptly find a solution that fits your specific needs.

   Rotafilo personnel have broad experience with, and specialized in many areas like Aircraft & Engine Tooling, Ground Support Equipment, ATA Spec 300 Shipping Cases’ design, development and production, as well as repair development and application. Our staff has met the highest standards of excellence in every assignment. Rotafilo uses custom design techniques, exclusive tools and metrics to improve customer satisfaction. We guarantee performance and follow on support for our results. Rotafilo meets all goals and targets agreed to in the initial time-line roadmap.



Rotafilo is versatile, we design and produce for a broad range of engineering requirements and support our customers as a single source.

   Today, Rotafilo is one of the most selling manufacturer for engine & APU stands, engine maintenance tooling and airframe/APU/landing gear maintenance tooling, nitrogen & oxygen carts, axle jacks, tire & brake dolly, fluid dispensers, ATA Spec 300 shipping cases. As a manufacturer, Rotafilo exhibits extensive capability in production and testing. We deliver our products to all continents, over 110 countries around the world. Rotafilo manufactures its products per industrial standards and specifications. All products are fully traceable. We have capability for all required testing including proof load and drop tests in house.

   Whether you need a Engine Transportation Stands or looking for a ATA Spec 300 Shipping Case; Rotafilo is the right address… your life-long business pillar to rely on.