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  • Three year warranty
  • Innovative products sold worldwide.
  • Competitive pricing with higher quality.
  • Easy to use, rust-resistant products.
  • Tailored-made designs. Accurate solutions for unique needs.
  • Life time overhaul service and spare parts supply are guaranteed.
  • Load tests performed for 1,5 times of the referred capacity.
  • Various types of jacks are designed & produced for commercial and military aircrafts.
  • All tested and certified.
  • 5-100 tons capacity.
  • Custom color, marking, shipping case.

Axle jacks

Numenclature: Axle Jack 30 Ton

Numenclature: Axle Jack 50 Ton

Numenclature: Axle Jack 70 Ton

Numenclature: Axle Jack 90 Ton

Fly-away jacks

Numenclature: Fly-away jack 20 Ton

Numenclature: Fly-away jack 40 Ton

We provide maintenance for Rotafilo or other brands products.

This service covers;

  • Detail Inspection
  • Part or Kit Replacement
  • Painting
  • Testing & Documentation
  • Proper Packaging

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